If you don’t understand Monty Python or don’t think Spike Milligan was a genius, the reason for the existence of this post will be lost on you entirely. Look away now!

For that reason, perhaps this really shouldn’t be my first proper post, but I found it the other day whilst reminiscing about (some of) the team I used to work with and it made me chuckle. It’s the contents of an email from my equally nutty previous I.T. boss and my reply.

Email (Title: Facintrolfs)

This new word born of the age we live in, is now licensed and ready for use. Any queries on pronunciation, see me.

My Reply

Facintrolfs: A recently discovered and already endangered rare breed of South American hamster. The Facintrolfs is easily distinguished by the red stripe running the entire length of it’s back right down to the tip of its tail.

Even more obvious and perhaps the reason for its rapid demise are its 20ft antlers. These fearsome weapons make the hamster almost unassailable by frequently taller predators, but pose a challenge during the mating season when males attempt to lock horns. Many a male Facintrolfs is found face down in the dirt and tail in the air, locked in mortal combat with a rival. With no chance of ever getting up again, the males simply starve to death.

The lone females are then forced to form knitting circles and hold coffee mornings as a substitute for male company.

Offspring are few and the World Wildlife Fund estimate that with only 23,250,100 Facintrolfs left breeding in the wild, the species could be extinct by next Thursday!!!