It all started whilst planning for a quiz night with some of my old workmates (from before I became a self-employed software developer / web designer). The intention was a night of playing Buzz on the old PS2. Great for a beer-fuelled gathering if you’ve never tried it.

Anyway, as a few of the party are at a slightly higher intellectual level than the aforementioned Buzz game, I thought I’d print out a few sheets of other challenges to peruse between breaks. 

I came up with the idea of finding a blank map of the world with country borders, but no country names on it and set to work trying to find one on Google.

Within a few clicks I encountered Sporcle and the following page containing an on-line name the countries of the world quiz:

Have a go! I managed 89 on my first go, but would have a got a few more if I could’ve spelt them! Bosnia and Herzegovina definitely got the better of me…

Anyway, that was 9th January and a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t been back on the site. That’s it. I’m addicted, which isn’t a good thing as I work from home on a computer and the ability to quickly alt+tab from what I should be doing to the Sporcle site is hampering my working day…

Help!! Is there an organisation that caters for this sort of thing?

The thing is, the quizzes are short (up to 15 minutes), but often fast and furious so there’s a real “just one more…” feel to it. Plus, there’s 1000s of quizzes on there covering a wealth of different subjects and best of all, it’s fast to load, requires no registration, is relatively advert free and doesn’t require any browser plug-ins.

Is there a word for it?

Quiz addiction that is. I did have a brief look on Google, but couldn’t find one. If you know of one, let me know in a comment below and I’ll credit you.

And do you know of any other similar free sites?

I know even at the rate I’m going, it’ll take a considerable length of time to work through all Sporcle has to offer, but it’d be interesting to know if anyone else has encountered any other sites they’d recommend. Again, stick it in a comment below.

Remember though, to compete with Sporcle it needs to be easy to search through, super fast and require no browser plug-ins in order to work.

Finally, beware…

Everyone that I’ve mentioned this site to so far has also become addicted. You have been warned!

Right, better sign off for a quick quiz. Think I’ll do a music one this time…