Well, in this instance it doesn’t really have to as the scaffolding in question is in Marrakech in Morocco.

Whilst working on a website for a local business that offers scaffolding in Blackpool (my home town) and surrounding areas, we discussed the health and safety training required for his staff.

You said Marrakech?

Indeed I did. During our chat I chuckled to myself as I was reminded of a couple of holiday photos snapped whilst visiting North Africa.

Needless to say, I don’t think health and safety is top of their agenda:

The first one is my favourite, but I wouldn’t like to be carrying breeze blocks on a hod using these ladders:

C’mon mate, what would you prefer, “‘health and safety gone mad”?

Well now I’d be the first to deride the EU and the entire western world for taking health and safety too far, but surely there ought to be a happy medium.

In Conclusion…

It doesn’t require a risk assessment, cones, signage and a qualified electrician to change a lightbulb, but scaffolding on building sites should feel safer than this…