Cryptic Computing (Quiz Round)


In my previous life I was a software development manager and every now and then, myself and the Dev team (many of whom have now also left) get together for a catch-up, a few beers, meals out and the occasional quiz.

As nominated quiz master the other night, I gave some thought as to a quiz round specifically targeted to test the wits of IT nerds such as ourselves…

So what to include?

Well, we’re all coders so I originally thought about some sort of SQL or other programming puzzle, but as a few of our non-IT partners (including my own) were due to attend I decided to spare them the trauma.

Looking for questions they might also know the answers to is how the Cryptic Computing round was born. The answers are pulled from anything and everything to do with computing, including the internet, software, jargon and more.

And most of them are commonly known and used, with just a few more specific computing ones thrown in…

Test Yourself

I’ve included the questions I used below, along with the answers further down – no peeking!!.

Being an IT geek will definitely be an advantage, but everyone should be able to get some of them. Although, if you live over the pond from the UK, a couple may cause you problems as they’re British specific.


The Questions

  1. Waterway becomes major literature distributor
  2. The male sheep stood for something, but what?
  3. Assistance from office furniture
  4. Harry Potter helps user through the process
  5. Sounds like microwave oven timer sound effect fights whoopee equivalent for 2nd place
  6. Asked what could he see, Satan replied…
  7. Penguin does for free, what others charge for
  8. Flying trapeze artist spends a lot of time reading
  9. Bed making step is a big improvement on the abacus
  10. Unexpected charge on adornment for driveways
  11. The repeated steps were bigger than expected
  12. That is to say, in other words, used for browsing
  13. Arthur thought a character set was the stencils you got from the stationers
  14. Wise counsel was given as to the safety of the user’s data
  15. Classic British motorbike brings PCs to a protected standstill
  16. Bus station achieves an exceeding low IQ
  17. Cubed parliamentarians lead to demise of high street music purveyors
  18. Misleading suggestion that edited images will be sold
  19. The 11th letter contains 24 more of these than most people think
  20. Shop selling cash gives financial advice

Answers Below

Purely to break the page up a bit and create some space to make peeking at the answers more difficult, below is a photo of yours truly with questions in hand…

And if you’re thinking I look a little “worse for wear“, it’s because I am!

So, wondering how you’ve done?

You’ll kick yourself I’m sure for any that you’ve missed.

Well take heart, my old team didn’t do too brilliantly either, with the highest score being just 12. Although in their defence, I think alcohol may have played some part.

The Answers

  1. Amazon
  2. Random Access Memory
  3. Help Desk
  4. Wizard
  5. Bing
  6. ICL (or Syntax)
  7. Linux
  8. Acrobat
  9. Spreadsheet
  10. Bill Gates
  11. Macro (or Infinite Loop)
  12. IE
  13. ASCII
  14. Oracle
  15. Norton
  16. Dumb Terminal
  17. MP3s
  18. Photoshop
  19. Bytes
  20. Money Supermarket

And if you need some explanations…

2. A male sheep is a ram. 5. In the UK, Bing and Yahoo (whoopee is an exclamation similar to yahoo) are currently fighting for 2nd place behind Google. 6. “I see Hell”, although “Sin Tax” as supplied by one of the team is also good! 7. Linux is a free alternative operating system to Windows and Unix, the logo for which is a penguin. 10. Charges are referred to as “the bill” on this side of the pond. 12. Look up the definition of i.e. 13. Ref: Arthur Askey. 15. A reference to Norton Anti-Virus now famed for slowing PCs to a crawl. 17. MP is the title for a British member of parliament. 20. Ref:

Copyright Free

Please feel free to use these as you’re own, but if you do publish them anywhere, please include an acknowledgement and a link back to this blog page.

Finally, hope you enjoyed them. Why not post how well you did below?


A (fairly) comprehensive list of songs with ‘money’ in the title…

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Following on from the success of Rock (mostly) songs with the word ‘fire’ in the title…, if someone asked you to come up with all the songs you could think of with the word money in the title, how would you do?

Well, I think I did okay. Check out my fairly comprehensive list:

  • All that Money Wants – Psychedelic Furs
  • Did It For The Money – Tesla *
  • Easy Money – Billy Joel
  • Everyday I Think Of Money – Stereophonics
  • Follow The Money – The Proclaimers
  • Free Money – Patti Smith
  • Get Money Spend Money No Money – Ice Cube
  • Get This Money – Jay-Z
  • Gold Diggers Song (We’re In The Money) – Bing Crosby
  • Got My Money On You – Alvin Stardust
  • Hold On To Your Money – Howlin’ Wolf
  • I Got Money Now – Pink
  • If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time – Willie Nelson
  • If You’ve Got The Money Honey – Percy Sledge
  • It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby – The Wonder Stuff
  • Keep Your Eye On The Money – Motley Crue *
  • Lay Your Money Down – Bread
  • Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back – Meat Loaf *
  • Love Your Money – Daisy Chainsaw *
  • Made Of Money – Adam Ant
  • Man With Money – The Who *
  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Money’s Too Tight To Mention – Simply Red
  • Money, Money – UFO *
  • Money, Money, Money – ABBA
  • Money, That’s What I Want – Barrett Strong (Various Others)
  • Money – Pink Floyd
  • Money and Fame – Scorpions *
  • Money Back Guarantee – Sheena Easton
  • Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper
  • Money For Nothing – Dire Straits *
  • Money Honey – Elvis Presley (Various Others)
  • Money Honey – Little Richard
  • Money Honey – Lady GaGa
  • Money Makes The World Go Round – Technotronic
  • Money Song / Save Me – Coco
  • Money Talks – AC/DC *
  • Money – Girls Aloud
  • Money – Space
  • No Money Down – Chuck Berry
  • Opportunities, Let’s Make Lots Of Money – Pet Shop Boys
  • She Wants Money – Ratt *
  • She Works Hard for the Money ~ Donna Summer
  • Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band
  • What’s The Colour Of Money – Hollywood Beyond
  • What Do You Do For Money Honey – AC/DC *
  • You Never Give Me Your Money – The Beatles
  • You Stole My Money Honey – Stereophonics
  • You Take My Money – The Damned *

There’s a few of my favourite genre in there (* rock), but not enough to include it in the title this time. One surprise, given their obessession with bling and looking flash, is that there weren’t more from the rap and R&B fraternity.

And my favourite?

Well that’s an easy one. Look carefully, I’m in that audience somewhere…

Cash, dollars, broke, loaded and more…

If we extended the search to include any word remotely linked with money, I’m sure there’d be a whole lot more songs, but as the classic phrase from Idiocracy goes: “I like money”.

Sadly, though I’m not poor, I don’t have enough of it yet to require investments advice or any other financial advice for that matter. Perhaps if I win the Euro Millions this weekend?

Then I can get my pool table (see Log Cabin Envy!!). Wahay!!

In Conclusion…

Hmm… It was nice dreaming for a second. Can you think of any more songs with money in the title?

Well, stick them below…

Cool Canadian Graffiti (or Mural?)

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Just a quick one today. An example of some of the cool graffiti I’ve seen on my travels.

I’m sorry? Graffiti? Are you referring to the unsightly defacement of public buildings do I hear you ask?

Cool Graffiti

Weeelll, yes. But let me be very specific. It needs to be of an extremely good quality and of general interest, not just Shaz luvs DazBazza wuz ere or even a person’s tag, no matter how elaborate that tag might be.

And in that sense, those you’re about to see may actually have been commissioned or “allowed”, but having checked the old Oxford English, it makes no stipulation that the artwork has to be unwanted to achieve the moniker of graffiti.

You may think differently and choose the word mural. It matters not, the pictures are cool anyway:

Ooh, where are they?

If you want to see them in person, as best as I can remember, they’re in Vancouver somewhere underneath or close to the huge road bridge over to Granville Island.

It’s Not All Good

As stated above, not all graffiti is good. I remember with disdain my disappointment on visiting Venice in Italy to discover that the beautiful and famous Ponte Rialto had graffiti down the side of it.

You’d have thought the authorities might have quickly called in a graffiti removal firm, given how many holiday makers snaps (including mine) were being ruined.

In Conclusion…

So if you are tempted to graffiti, I think the lesson is please practice on your own property until your skills are good enough not to cause offence.

I wonder if that’s what Banksy did?

Log Cabin Envy!!

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It all began whilst on holiday recently with my family in Cornwall. We stayed in a beautiful self-catering holiday cottage, if you can call something with over 10 rooms a cottage that is!

Y’know sometimes when you go self catering and there isn’t a bread knife, decent sized frying pan, ironing board or other household item we take for granted in our everyday lives… …well not this place!!

The Kitchen Sink

I told the family to pack a few essentials just to be on the safe side, but there was really no need. This place had everything you could possibly think of, including the crowning glory and the main reason I chose it…


My life and that of several other males of our party was complete. Chilled beers, Cornish sunshine and a few dozen games of pool.

What could be better?

What Indeed?

Well, I’ll tell you what. If it lasted for more than a week, that’s what.

Y’see, I’ve always wanted a full size slate bed pool table of my own and this only served to remind me, as I near the halfway marker of my life, that my dream remains unfulfilled.

Enter the Log Cabin…

And then it got worse. An existing customer who does joinery and building work asked for a new page on their website advertising that they can supply, erect, fit-out and furnish log cabins.

“No problems”, says I. “Would you like to come and see the one I’ve put in my back yard?”, says he. “Ooh, yes please”, I foolishly reply.

Admittedly, he used his for an office, but it was a perfect size for the pool table I crave so badly. Okay, now I’m jealous…

Life Is Sweet

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a lovely wife, a nice house and a pretty decent sized garden so don’t start playing those violins just yet…

BUT… I don’t have the room or the money for one of these beauties.

I could lose a few of my carefully nurtured fledgling fruit trees, but that doesn’t address the more important financial question.

Five Year Plan

As the line from Wayne’s World goes though, “It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine”.

True, I may have to seek financial advice and consider getting another mortgage, but within five years I WILL be playing pool on a full size slate bed pool table located somewhere in a property I own.

Watch this space!

In Conclusion…

If you live in the Blackpool, Preston or Lancaster area and you’re looking for a web developer, give me a call.

Lord knows (and now you do too), I need the money!

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