Y’know, I’d always hoped doing web development for small businesses that the opportunity may arise occasionally to get paid in kind every now and then (i.e. with services rather than financial recompense).

Now for those with a less than clean mind, I’m not hinting at a website for a lap dancing or strip club. Tsk! Shame on you! I’m talking about things that need doing around the house!!

An opportunity arises…

So when I got a call for a quote from a local (Blackpool) business that does pattern imprinted concrete driveways, I got just a little bit excited…

And here’s the reason why. My driveway:

It ain’t pretty is it? Definitely in need of a little TLC I think you’ll agree.

I’d much rather it looked like this. An example driveway in Preston from the aforementioned local business:

Yes, I realise I’d also need to do a bit of landscaping to the garden, but sadly it wasn’t to be anyway.

So he didn’t want a website after all?

No, not at all. His website has been up and running for a while and is bringing in customers.

It all comes down to price y’see. Because my website design is just so damn reasonably priced and concrete driveways are far from cheap, a straight swap of our respective services just wasn’t on the cards.

Perhaps I’ll have to put my prices up?

It isn’t all bad though

Whilst driveways may be too costly, some of my other customer’s services are probably within reach.

Should I ever need financial advice, embroidered clothing, scaffolding hire, environmental health consultancy, piano removals, shot blasting, emergency boarding up services or perhaps wrought iron gates to adorn my non-existent driveway, I’d probably stand a better chance!!

In conclusion…

Well, at the moment, I don’t need any of the above. And I don’t want a cheap driveway that won’t last.

But that’s not to say I’m not still hopeful of swapping services rendered for a website at some time in the future.

Perhaps if there’s anyone out there considering a website for a cleaning business, it’d be nice to have my kitchen and bathroom cleaned for a year…