And the challenges just keep on coming… Last month accountancy and now this month I’ve got a customer who installs garage doors.

Ooh, now there’s an interesting subject to discuss. NOT!!

You’d think I’d be in real trouble wouldn’t you? Thankfully though, YouTube to the rescue…

The Budget Garage Door Solution

I’m not going to ruin this video with any intro, but just to say that some members of the fairer sex may not approve of this particular garage door solution. Hilarious though!

The Classic Just For Laughs Clip

You can always rely on Just For Laughs for funny clips involving the public. This one’s not bad, but it doesn’t feature as many funny reactions as they normally do. Although I do like the guy who tries to run up and stop the garage door with his hands.

The Specsavers Kid Garage Door Advert

One of a number of great adverts done by Specsavers featuring their advertising slogan, “Should’ve gone to Specsavers”. The basic premise of each advert is a funny situation where the protagonist mistakes one thing for another because they can’t see properly, hence they “Should’ve gone to Specsavers”!

In Conclusion?

Challenge accepted. Give me an awful subject matter and I’ll cover it.

Bring it on!!