Not been on for a while, so this is just a quick one. Pause. Wonders how many blog (and real life diary) entries worldwide start with such a line. If I had a pound…

Just got back from a holiday to Vegas and California and thought I’d post a photo from my travels.

Sequoia National Park

The photo in question is of trees, but not just any trees, bloody big trees! Giant Sequoias in fact. Now, these aren’t the biggest in the world, but they’re quite close to ol’ General Sherman himself within Sequoia National Park.

Need a reference for size? The tiny dot waving from the bottom of the middle tree is my wife who is 5′ 10″ tall.

You’d always be able to find your way home drunk with one of those at the end of your driveway. Would certainly put arguments over leylandii into perspective.

And there we go, short but sweet…