So, I’m walking home from my usual mid-week pub night, a few pints of Sam Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter happier, and I come across something to break my mood.

A Project30 Sign

Well, not just one, but a total of three Project30 signs littering lamp-posts at the end of the driveways on my quiet little Blackpool street of about 50 houses.

What’s Project30 you might be wondering, and so indeed was I … for the signs themselves gave few clues as to their purpose, rather as can be seen below, only a website address for the viewer to visit:

A quick stumble back home, I boot up the PC, type in the website address and what do I find? An amazing ground breaking piece of news that justifies multiple expensive ambiguous and unecessary signs?

Perhaps the implementation of a 30 year plan to introduce futuristic hover cars to the town? Er… no!


Yes folks, Blackpool Council would like to announce that they’re doing remedial works to my pavement and road surfaces some time in the next 12 months.

And there’s not just three signs on my street, there are dozens, maybe even several hundred of these on other streets throughout Blackpool.

Ooh… That’s a pretty logo and sign…

Er, how much of our money did that cost? Oh, you’re mending the roads? What do you want? A bloody medal? Mending the roads is your job is it not?!?

It doesn’t require a fancy logo, marketing, a website and expensive signs fitted at a rate of three to a street with about 50 houses. All it requires is a single slip of hand delivered paper to tell us what is happening and when on our particular street.

And I’m not sure if you idiots are aware, but not everyone has easy access to the internet, so whose ridiculous idea was it to make the signs into a teaser for residents to have to go and look up further information?

What Debt Crisis?

It’s the cost that irks me most though. I’m not sure if the morons at Blackpool’s town hall are aware, but like most of the Western World, the UK is currently running a huge deficit with no money whatsoever to spare on pointless fripperies.

The cost of metal is at an all time high and council services are being cut back left, right and centre to save money, so how can spending on such unecessary marketing be justified?

I know the popular theory is to blame the banks and the elusive 1%, but as these signs demonstrate, local and central government are just as much to blame.


Perhaps the biggest question should be “why should a Council be marketing it’s services in the first place”. After all, Councils forcibly collect tax-payers’ money to provide essential services to said tax-payers.

It seems somewhat perverse therefore, that they should then spend some of that money marketing those services to their captive consumers who, in reality, have no choice whether or not they wish to pay for them.

To quote the late great Bill Hicks, “if you’re in marketing, kill yourself”:

Take note though, this isn’t just limited to Blackpool Council. It’s happening time and time again in Council’s up and down the country.

At the Council where I used to work, at the same time as staff were being laid off and services cut, the then Chief Executive decided to have a new Council logo designed and added to every vehicle, uniform, letterhead, bill, website, rubbish bin and building.

In Conclusion

The world is going to hell in a hand cart. Please stop the ride, I wish to get off…