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About Me

This is the personal blog of the one and only original Bozz. Accept no false idols. There are many Bozz wanabees out there (e.g. Nooooo!, Not Me!, Nope!!), but I am the real thing, with a nickname pedigree dating back to 1988. What a summer that was! Maybe I’ll write about it one day…

My age is not up for discussion, except to say that the 80s is my music era and I’m old enough to have collected ex-jukebox 45’s and owned a second-hand turntable that played 78’s. Ask your dad (or maybe even your Grandad) if you think rpm is northern speak for David Cameron.

For work, my most recent employed post was as an IT Manager for a Council. I am now very thankfully (if you need to ask, you’ve never worked in local government) self-employed, doing website design and bespoke database development for small to medium businesses in my home town of Blackpool and surrounding areas.

Interests include computing, history, politics, travel, comedy, beers of the world and an eclectic music taste featuring heavy metal, reggae, country ‘n’ western, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and anything else produced prior to 1990.

Alternative About Me

If the above was a little dull, try this instead.

I was born in 1926, the 13th child of a family of poor Hungarian goat herders. At the tender age of eight I fled to the United Kingdom when my hard-up father sold all my brothers and sisters into the white slave trade in order to fund his excessive opium habit.

I managed to make a living providing the spit for a shoe shine stall in Old Kent Road. During the War years I fought for the largely unknown Clacton-On-Sea separatist underground independence forces, which were all wiped out except for me following a daylight raid on Allied Bomber Command using conkers fired from catapults.

After the war I returned to shoe shining and was promoted to rag attendant. Following the end of rationing however, shoe polish was more freely available and people had more leisure time to clean their own shoes.

I left and like so many others retrained for a career in IT and I’ve been doing it ever bloody since!!

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