Just a quick one today. An example of some of the cool graffiti I’ve seen on my travels.

I’m sorry? Graffiti? Are you referring to the unsightly defacement of public buildings do I hear you ask?

Cool Graffiti

Weeelll, yes. But let me be very specific. It needs to be of an extremely good quality and of general interest, not just Shaz luvs DazBazza wuz ere or even a person’s tag, no matter how elaborate that tag might be.

And in that sense, those you’re about to see may actually have been commissioned or “allowed”, but having checked the old Oxford English, it makes no stipulation that the artwork has to be unwanted to achieve the moniker of graffiti.

You may think differently and choose the word mural. It matters not, the pictures are cool anyway:

Ooh, where are they?

If you want to see them in person, as best as I can remember, they’re in Vancouver somewhere underneath or close to the huge road bridge over to Granville Island.

It’s Not All Good

As stated above, not all graffiti is good. I remember with disdain my disappointment on visiting Venice in Italy to discover that the beautiful and famous Ponte Rialto had graffiti down the side of it.

You’d have thought the authorities might have quickly called in a graffiti removal firm, given how many holiday makers snaps (including mine) were being ruined.

In Conclusion…

So if you are tempted to graffiti, I think the lesson is please practice on your own property until your skills are good enough not to cause offence.

I wonder if that’s what Banksy did?