It all began whilst on holiday recently with my family in Cornwall. We stayed in a beautiful self-catering holiday cottage, if you can call something with over 10 rooms a cottage that is!

Y’know sometimes when you go self catering and there isn’t a bread knife, decent sized frying pan, ironing board or other household item we take for granted in our everyday lives… …well not this place!!

The Kitchen Sink

I told the family to pack a few essentials just to be on the safe side, but there was really no need. This place had everything you could possibly think of, including the crowning glory and the main reason I chose it…


My life and that of several other males of our party was complete. Chilled beers, Cornish sunshine and a few dozen games of pool.

What could be better?

What Indeed?

Well, I’ll tell you what. If it lasted for more than a week, that’s what.

Y’see, I’ve always wanted a full size slate bed pool table of my own and this only served to remind me, as I near the halfway marker of my life, that my dream remains unfulfilled.

Enter the Log Cabin…

And then it got worse. An existing customer who does joinery and building work asked for a new page on their website advertising that they can supply, erect, fit-out and furnish log cabins.

“No problems”, says I. “Would you like to come and see the one I’ve put in my back yard?”, says he. “Ooh, yes please”, I foolishly reply.

Admittedly, he used his for an office, but it was a perfect size for the pool table I crave so badly. Okay, now I’m jealous…

Life Is Sweet

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a lovely wife, a nice house and a pretty decent sized garden so don’t start playing those violins just yet…

BUT… I don’t have the room or the money for one of these beauties.

I could lose a few of my carefully nurtured fledgling fruit trees, but that doesn’t address the more important financial question.

Five Year Plan

As the line from Wayne’s World goes though, “It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine”.

True, I may have to seek financial advice and consider getting another mortgage, but within five years I WILL be playing pool on a full size slate bed pool table located somewhere in a property I own.

Watch this space!

In Conclusion…

If you live in the Blackpool, Preston or Lancaster area and you’re looking for a web developer, give me a call.

Lord knows (and now you do too), I need the money!